• Amber Stewart

What is Canine Remedial Massage therapy?

Well, as the name suggests it is Remedial Massage for dogs.

Dogs can benefit from remedial massage the same way that people can.

It can be used for assistance when recovering from operations, whether they are orthopaedic in nature or other. Massage can help break down scar tissue so that the skin around the wound heals in a way that does not impact the surrounding tissue and muscles.

Massage can help reduce stiffness in compensatory muscles after an injury, surgery or arthritis has changed your dog’s gait and posture.

Massage can also assist anxious, nervous, or stressed dogs. Changes around the house such as new children, new partners, other pets coming or going, you spending more or less time at home can all lead to stress and anxiety in some dogs. Massage can assist your dogs during these times also by using more calming and relaxing massage styles than the more targeted and pressured remedial styles.

Remedial Massage is not a replacement for quality vet care, it is not going to fix a joint, muscle or tendon that requires surgery. Massage is a complementary service that can help your dog recover quicker from injuries or surgeries or help make them more comfortable as they get older or if they have arthritis.

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